Khadia is the constituency which is more than 500 years old.  
 Khadia was known as "AKBARPURA" in Mogul times.  
 “Khadia is the area which truly represents my thoughts &    principles”-Mahatma Gandhi  
 “Khadia is the soul of Gujarat ”-Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel  
 What is Khadia?-the famous question asked by Mr. Winston   Churchill in the House of Commons in 1942.  
“Khadia is the symbol of pride of Gujarat”-Indulal Yagnik  
 Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel started the famous "BHAJIYA   CLUB" in Khadia. The other members were Shri Dada Saheb   Mavlankar, Dr. Kanuga, Shri Jivanlal Diwan & Ballubhai Takor.  
 Luminaries from Khadia  
 Famous Journalist, Painters & Poets from Khadia  
 Famous Writers from Khadia  
 Legal Luminaries from Khadia  
 Famous Educationalists from Khadia  
 Great Leaders from Khadia  
 Famous Saints from Khadia.  
 Great Public Agitations from Khadia  
 Birth Place of Political Parties from Khadia  
Kranti Yatra of Ahmedabad
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